Susie Crawford





From: Canberra, Australia

Height: 5’2

Weight: 110 lb

Age: 29 

Athletic Background: Cross Country, Field Hockey, Basketball

Favorite Wrestler: Trish Stratus, Charlotte Flair

Originally from Canberra, Australia Susie Crawford was a born fighter. After being home sick one day from grade school, a 5 year old Susie was flipping through the channels when she stumbled upon a Bret Hart match and instantly became mesmerized with the sport of Professional Wrestling. Despite her small stature, Susie constantly proved herself as an elite athlete growing up, playing every sport that her school had to offer from cross country to field hockey. In 2011, Susie made one of the boldest decisions of her life as she packed her bags and moved half way across the world to Los Angeles. While living in the shadows of Hollywood, Susie always had her aspirations of training to become a professional wrestler lurking in the back of her mind. Finally, in 2019, Susie joined KnokX Pro Wrestling Academy in order to further pursue her life’s passion.