KnokX Pro Reopening guidelines during Covid 19

At KnokX Pro, our primary concern is the health and wellbeing of our students. California
Governor, Gavin Newsom, announced that Phase 3 of the state’s reopening plan will
commence on 6/12, meaning that KnokX Pro has finally been given the green light to reopen
the doors of the world famous Domain. As KnokX Pro prepares to reopen, we are committed to
doing our part in ensuring the health and safety of everyone who comes to train. Please see
below a list of precautions that we at KnokX Pro will be rigorously implementing in order to
protect both our students and staff:
• Reduced Capacity – KnokX Pro will be reducing the number of people allowed in the
domain at once. We are limiting our training classes to a maximum of TEN (10) students
at a time. Trainers will be allowed to reduce class capacity even further at their
• Updated Schedule – In order to ensure that every student has the opportunity to train,
our new training sessions will be ninety (90) minutes long and reservations will be
available on a first come, first serve basis.
• Keeping The Ring Sanitary – After each training session commences, students will need
to clean the ring using sanitary products provided by the domain. Every student who
trains must clean the ring after their training session has ended.
• No More Than Two (2) Students In The Ring – KnokX Pro will be limiting the number of
students in the ring. During training sessions, no more than two (2) students will be
allowed in the ring at once.
• Social Distancing Outside of The Ring – Students who are outside of the ring will have
to distance themselves from one another – ensuring that six (6) feet of space are kept in
between students at all times unless instructed otherwise by a trainer.
• Mask Policy – Students who are entering the KnokX Pro domain will be required to wear
a mask. Once training has begun, students will be allowed to remove their masks for the
duration of the 90-minute class. As soon as class is over, students will be required to put
their masks back on before they begin cleaning the ring. KnokX Pro will not be providing
masks for students. Students who fail to comply with KnokX Pro’s mask policy will not be
allowed to enter the domain.
• Entering The Domain – Students are asked to arrive at the domain fifteen (15) minutes
early. Upon arrival, students will form a single file line outside of the domain with their
masks on and six (6) feet of distance in between students. Once a student’s name is
called, they will be allowed to pass through the office to show off their completed
health declaration as well as receive a touchless temperature check.
• Touchless Temperature Check – Students will be required to take a touchless
temperature check upon entering the domain. Any student presenting a body
temperature of 99.6˚ F or above will be asked to leave the domain and reschedule their
training for a later date.
• Health Declaration – Upon successfully booking a class reservation, students will receive
a health declaration provided by KnokX Pro. Upon the day of the scheduled class,
students will be required to sign the health declaration if all of the information
presented in the declaration is accurate. If a student does not believe that their health is
accurately reflected by the declaration, they are to cancel their reservation for that day.
Declarations will be checked upon entering the Domain. Any student who refuses to
complete the health declaration will be promptly asked to leave the premise.
• Office Area Will Be Closed – Students will have to pass through the office area of the
domain in order to get to the ring. Temperature tests will be admitted in the office area
and the health declarations will be checked in the office area. After the completion of
both the temperature check and health declaration check, students will have to
promptly enter the ring section of the domain. No students will be allowed in the office
area (besides entering and exiting the domain) without permission from one of the
trainers. Additionally, students passing through the office area are not allowed to touch
anything in the office area. Only one (1) student will be allowed in the office area at a
• Exiting The Domain – After training and cleaning, students will be asked to promptly
exit the domain through the office space one (1) at a time. No more than one (1)
student will be allowed to pass through the office space at once.
Anyone who refuses to comply with the rules and guidelines stated above will be asked to leave
the premise immediately.
Thank you all as always for your continued support! We cannot wait to get back in the ring and