Facebook: @Maverick-Greatness

Instagram: @mav_greatness

Twitter: @KPMaverick

Weight: 200LBS

Height: 5’10

From: Miramar, California

Flying through the Danger Zone faster than the speed of sound. Maverick is Greatness! It’s been over a decade since Maverick left the Navy as a flight Navigator and became a professional wrestler. Over time Maverick has proven that he is not just Reckless and dangerous in the sky, but in the wrestling ring as well. Doing whatever it takes to defeat his opponents, Maverick is not shy about his achievements. Vanquishing anyone who steps in his way using his signature moves (Buzzing the towers, Switching to Guns, and The Suplex of Greatness) Maverick is quick to take advantage of his opponents mistakes or weaknesses. In the end, fans and opponents alike, will be in awe at what they just witnessed, because Maverick is Greatness.