Kevin Thomas

Alias: K. T. King

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 245lbs

Finisher: Stackmoney Slam, The Illustrious Elbow, Eminent Execution


​I am Kevin Thomas of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. My passion for the business of professional wrestling and self motivation to achieve a multitude of success within this industry have led me to KnokX Pro Entertainment and Wrestling Academy. To become one of today’s high quality workers, I believe that I must be trained by Samoan Dynasty who have a deep and rich history of dozens of elite workers with great work ethics. The prior mentioned focused mentality is what led to me becoming a highly decorated Soldier within the United States Army and my time as a Police Officer, being trained by credible people who know their craft while applying what they have taught me will lead to success in my own life and career over a course of time. Within my life I have successfully accomplished a 6 year career within the United States Army, including one 16 month combat deployment to Mosul and Baghdad, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom from August 2005 to December 2006 with the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team of Fort Wainwright Alaska. For the last several years I have been a Law Enforcement Veteran, as well as recently completed Business Management Degree from San Joaquin Valley College with a minor in Criminal Justice. My purpose for my life is to always improve myself to be the best version of myself for myself while raising my children as a single co-parent to lead great lives that result in making great contributions that add to the continued great evolution of our society.