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Instagram: Dubbcity22
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HEIGHT: 5”10
Weight: Solid 240lbs
From: Dubb City
Finishing Move: G-RYDE

Straight off the streetZ of Dubb City K-Dubb bringZ the Streetz to the Canvas! K Dubb describes himself as an intimidating presence, but there’s only one word to describe his actions inside the ring: Stra8 Gangsta. Just because he’s dangerous, though, doesn’t mean he’s not street smart and book smart. The Knokx Pro Talent possesses a cunning combination of power and quickness. He has the bravado of a true Hood Star. The Fierce competitor is adamant that all competition choose wisely before stepping foot in DUBB CITY.”
Despite his cocky attitude, once the bell rings, K-Dubbs brutal and punishing, move set will have any opponent who lets down his guard against him wishing they would have never rolled the dice. Cause it’s a Gamble when you step in the ring with KDUBB choose wisely B4 U END UP IN THAT #GRYDE!!!!!