James Mikiel

Alias: The Real Mikiel

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 215lbs

Finisher: The Real Mikiel Driver


It’s about to get REAL! The Real Mikiel has over 13 years in the industry of professional wrestling. Unafraid to tell it as he sees it, The Real Mikiel is never short on words and will remind you he is not shy about his many achievements. Vanquishing anyone who steps in his way using his signature moves (the towers, The Powerslam of Greatness, and The Real Mikiel Driver) His athleticism and techniques are just two of many tools at the disposal of The Real Mikiel. Doing whatever it takes to defeat his adversaries, The Real Mikiel is quick to take advantage of his opponents mistakes and weaknesses. In the end, fans and opponents alike, will be in awe at what they just witnessed, because that IS REAL!