Daniel Maynez






From: Fresno, CA
Height: 6’
Weight: 245 lbs
Age: 37
Athletic Background: Martial Arts
Daniel has been obsessed with the art of fighting since he was a child. Having an interest in martial arts, Daniel has studied a wide variety of styles throughout his entire life – ranging from Kung Fu to Muay Thai. This passion for fighting was first fueled by Daniel’s exposure to professional wrestling – where larger than life characters from all over the world captivated his imagination. Daniel’s fascination with different fighting traditions adopted by various cultures, including his own Native American heritage, has lead to a proficiency in the art of fighting that Daniel plans to carry with him into Professional Wrestling. Daniel prides himself on being a world traveler who enjoys seeking new experiences and challenges. Not limiting his education to just his fists, Daniel attended California State University, Long Beach where he earned a Masters of Science in Health Care Administration. Armed with his immense passion for combat, a 30 year fandom for the sport of Professional Wrestling and the innate ability to adapt, Daniel is equipped to use his strengths in leadership and strategic planning to take on all challenges.