Bison Beltane


Facebook: BisonBeltaneKP

Instagram: TheDudeVonDoom

Twitter: TheDudeVonDoom

HEIGHT: 6’2”

WEIGHT: 250 Megatons

From: The Mojave Wasteland

Finishing Move: Hand of Doom

Born in fire, forged in blood, raised in the abyss. Leader of his brood of marauders & raiders, Bison cares only for him and his own. Every one else is a challenge, a resource, a means to the end. And Bison is all about reaching The End.

Just like his namesake, Bison has speed and strength rivaled to none. The Badlands Berserker revels in his natural habitat: the chaos and violence of the squared circle. Those staring into his eyes of madness can do their worst to him, but the Mojave Madman will endure until it’s his opponents who are on the brink of extinction.

Roam free with Bison, or get the horns. His stampede will march on. WITNESS!